Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being a part of your team?

There are many of them – from high compensation rates and to 24/7 support of our writers. The opportunity to work part-time is one more advantage. Take as much assignments as you can handle.

What distinguishes you from others on the market?

First of all, it’s our attitude to freelancers. Most of the companies on the web exploit their writers till they quit. We don’t push our writers in any matter. We want them to feel comfortable because it is the only state when they can use their skills and talents as writers to the full extent. We know that our writers are the pillars on which our business stands.

What WritersCash can offer to me if I will join?

We can offer you stable payment for your completed order. Also, we will make sure that you won’t wonder around without tasks if you need them. As a nice addition, we encourage our writers to take tasks in new academic fields and upgrade their skillset as an academic writer.

Can you provide guarantees that you will submit payment on time?

Yes. This is one of the main things that allow us to keep our writers. We always pay on time. Your duty is to craft content, our duty is to pay. Without delays.

What is the amount of usual payment?

It depends on the academic level of the assignments. An average fee is between $5-$17/page. We assume that other companies can promise higher compensation, but as usual, they don’t include taxes or “hidden” fees. We provide you with a solid number of money.

Deadlines! Are they deadly here?

Yes, they are. Limits are set by our customers and we need to follow them strictly. One of the main reasons we are among leaders in online freelance writing is that we run policy of meeting deadlines as most important one. And this is what awaits you – if you take an assignment, you should make it on time. We assume that force-majeure is possible, in which case you should contact a manager immediately and he will re-assign you task to other writer. But this is an emergency, like an extra-parachute, and you’d better not use it more than once.

What is your policy concerning plagiarism?

We aim at the highest standards in the industry so it is possible to reach them only by writing 100% original content. We exclude any possibility of plagiarism in the work of our writers. To do so, we use up-to-date anti-plagiarism software and our editors check every academic paper submitted.

What kind of assignment will I receive?

At first, we will provide you with entry-level assignments for high school and college. During this, our experts will analyze your eligibility to write the materials for higher academic institutions. As soon as we decide you are ready to meet those requirements, your value as a writer will increase, and so will your wage.

Hey, I still got some questions!

Okay, okay. Contact our Writers Support for additional details. You can do it via chat or a toll-free phone number (listed on the main page). Our support is available 24/7 so there will always be a person to answer your inquiry. Join us!