Ever Dreamt of Travelling and Getting Paid for It?

Travel writing jobs were invented to make people happy. At least, that’s what we believe. And try finding and cons there! A chance to travel and to make money at the same time! To be more specific, travel writers:

  1. Travel around the world, go sightseeing, visit diners and museums and then spend a couple of hours to describe what they have seen and tried on paper. It is like a journalist job, but better, as you can go wherever you want to.
  2. Decide how much they want to work and thus how much time they will have for leisure. Taking into account that free hours mean more places seen, this is a great advantage!
  3. Have a chance to show their creativity. Travel writing is probably the most creative writing of all. Just imagine: no limits and no boundaries. You just let go of your imagination and see what happens.
  4. Get popular online, as more and more people start liking their writing.

Travel writer jobs are simply cool. It’s a means of self-expression that is also paid for!

Travel writers wanted

Ready to take up this exciting career? That’s a great decision! All you have to do now is declare your intentions! We are hiring travel writers right now, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

To apply for a job, contact us and submit your application. After it, we will conduct simple testing to evaluate your skills and, if passed successfully, enter you in our database. Once all the preparations are finished, you will be able to take and fulfill orders.

The great thing is, it is only up to you what kind of orders to take and how many of them to fulfill. However, if you feel that the deadline set is too much for you, contact our support team and arrange reassignment of the order as soon as possible. Do the same in case of any other problems.

We are waiting for writers like you. Talent, skill and most of all passion for writing and travelling – if you have it, then you are what we need. Contact us now!