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Work at home opportunities for everyone. You are an expert in a certain field and you are pretty good in putting your knowledge and ideas to paper. And that’s all we need. Write when you want, be dressed in whatever’s comfy for you and never bother about corporate policy. Want to work at home as a ghostwriter fill-time? Okay, no problem. Want to earn an extra buck being employed at your current position? The choice of how much will you raise a month depends on you only. We don’t have minimal working plans or cash withdrawal sums.

Writing opportunities for UK and US, and CA specialists

Your solid English writing skills and subject competence are the only two things you’re getting paid for. Time-management is also key, as opportunities for writers imply you coping with an order quick and in a quality fashion. Plus, the faster you take on the job, the faster you could move to a new level with a higher pay rate. That’s why sign up for WritersCash now, run a quick skill test, choose your first writing task and get paid for it right after it’s ready.